What is blue tick in Facebook?

Facebook recognises the brands or personalities by a blue tick. If a blue tick is there in a profile it means that the account claimed by person is verified and is authentic. Let’s say take any famous personality FB accounts there would be many and then how do you recognise that which is real and which is unreal. This is by this blue tick. Now everyone or every brand does not get a blue tick so easily from facebook. The factors that matter are –

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The factors that matter are –

1) How big is your brand?

If your brand whether individual or company is big and there are a lot of followers then it’s easy to get a blue tick.


Now if you are not. Then let’s say you are providing some services to some eminent personalities then those people giving a shout out to your brand can create the difference and there is a possibility of your account getting verified easy.

2) Digital Presence

Improving the digital footprint for your business from a varied geography can improvise the scenario.

Here if there are many followers or some viral video where people are writing and following your brand from a different place then this becomes a cake walk for getting that.

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Now the final step is when the presence is created then go ahead and get it applied & verified from Facebook.

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