Waste your time Entrepreneurs and Start-up’s!

The Employee Class mindset of the today’s start-ups Founders and Entrepreneurs want to do everything themselves. When I mean everything in perspective of initial setup of the company, the website and other necessary digitalization.


What the Entrepreneurs think they will save is –

1) Money
2) Time
3) Achieving what they see and produce it themselves

Now let us do a reverse analysis with a simple example. Let us consider Mr. Vans is a CEO of his new founded company Clothy Inc. and with his past experience he is a Sales Experienced person. With the minimal knowledge of IT done during his college days he has the so called Entrepreneurial confidence to build the website himself for his company as he want to save dollars instead of outsourcing. So he almost spends a month building a nice website which is not so nice in the eyes of a creative web developer. By doing this what he lost is –

  • Time
  • Non Expert Website with Bugs
  • Slow Website
  • Less Performing
  • Unorganised without any proper keywords to drive traffic.

Most importantly he lost a month of sales time which he could have used to build a proper sales funnel and closed some handsome deals for his company. And the website cost which would have got outsourced and done would be peanuts infront of the sales he would have got. In short connecting the dots back most founders do the same mistake when they start fresh.

So here is what you must do –

1) Outsource it to creative web developer

2) Write your idea and freeze it before even searching a developer.

3) Write the contents for your site or else hire a cheap contract for content developer.

4) Initially it does not really matter whether your site is too huge or small. As per the best stats, even a single pager site with your offering and experience is more than enough which would cost very less even if outsourced.

Rather the focus should be on building a high-speed website and performance ranging from the quality of pictures, contents and everything matters.

5) Post creation of website the website content should be optimized by a cost effective and talented SEO consultant which helps in driving the traffic to your site and organic leads start building up.

Believe me it takes almost 5-6 years to understand this mistake and they keep struggling to reach right audience even if their product is a hot cake. You must be lucky enough to read this as you will be saving millions and most important spending time with your customer and selling your product is no more than a honeymoon experience for any new start-ups, where you start building the relationships for a longer future and returning customers.


These are the basic sanity which any entrepreneur must follow and start outsourcing to get focus on the right customer, content, and audience.

Once all this is done then comes the planning and strategizing slowly for the social media marketing and campaigns to increase a brand reach, gaining customer trust and increasing the sales and conversion rates.

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