Backlinks! Whoa what are they! Do websites really need them!​


Backlinks are external links to a webpage. When any other webpage links to your webpage, it is called a backlink. The more qualified a site has a backlink to your site, the faster your rank on Google and become visible to your audience.

Here are my researched proven methods to get a backlink to your site.

1. Social Media


Backlinks from social media are qualified and best ones. As the social media sites domain authority are high, it becomes a booster for your webpage or website to rank organically soon.

2. Web 2.0.

As the provider is indeed used in activities of building backlinks this type of web is really effective in SEO and being high authority on search engine. Some examples of web 2.0 are Blogger and Wiki.


3. Forums

Successful forums have more visitors and traffic that help in ranking or giving backlinks to your website or webpage by having content or participation in those forums.


4. Top blogs

It is always a good idea to visit other blogs and leave a productive comment and simultaneously having a backlink to your site.


5. Reach Out

 This takes guts. Find out a high-ranking website or company and try to deliver a service or correction. Or you may help them in modifying something well in free of cost and in a gesture of gratitude you can build a relation of having a backlink to your site.