Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. This is also one of the versatile and fast changing aspect. Business who have the guts to traverse aggressively with time, offline to online, online to automated and on and on … are successful today.


Realization and bringing into reality are front and rear wheels of the vehicle. Unless they are balanced there is a chance of accident. In this blog I am going to share about the five trending technologies that is going to impact the digital or online marketing for next twenty to thirty years.

5. Augmented Reality

Customers are interested to test their product before even they buy. There is a catch here they want to do it online. Whoa ! Is it really possible online. Yes it is .



By Augmented reality the customers can experience the product with a ecosystem they want to use it. And if the experience is good then they will buy it.

4. Auto Content Writers

Content is the oil of any business today. But mining content is that much complicated and needs real competent intelligence and well research before any writeup gets inked into the internet with the brand name.



Interestingly Auto content writers assist a no vice today to write far interesting contents and can also make it viral too.

3. AI Chat Bots

When the business runs 24 X 7 do you really think that making humans sit and reply to the chats round the clock is a feasible approach.




How about chat bots who behave and answer super close to humans and they keep getting matured and intelligent with time as humans do. This reduces the risk of losing business and product can be sold across geography to a huge crowd of audience.

2. Personalization

We all are so fan of OTT videos and many other content that we consume on a daily basis from an ecommerce website to a daily soap what we see in the mobile phones. Now how this can be made addictive to the customers and make them crazy on coming on and on back to the same business is by personalizing the contents and delivering them.



Well the personalization is the next big game and business who had already tapped this idea have grown from nothing to big players like Netflix or Amazon Ecommerce sites.  

1. Social Media Manager

From a 80,000 FT. managing a social media looks easy breezy. Just ask the newbie entrepreneurs or the marketing team or agency who manages huge contents for various customers.



Today’s mantra to win the social media platform is by managing it with social media management platform. I use crowdsource 


and it’s very powerful in managing the platforms at easr.

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